Reviews Part.II (ArtLimited)

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 3, 2011, 2:15 PM

Today I want to present you a very active and well-known community: [link]

Founded by professional photographer Denis Olivier a couple of years ago,
I came over this place shortly after I left dA for the first time in March 2009.
I directly created an account and posted my first couple of pictures.
AL was not very busy and the level was extremely high at this time.
I was lucky to be featured with one of my first submissions, but still it was a hard start for me there.
I worked myself into this place during the rest of 2009 and now I have my biggest, and most
well-known account in this place. I was featured 10 times and my pictures received more then

The design:
ArtLimited has a very clean and simple design. The site looks very much alike the art it represents,
simple and elegant.

The art:
ArtLimited is mostly a community for photographers. The art is mainly b/w and many of the works can be
called “fine-art”.

The community:
The community gets bigger and bigger. Most people are in their 30`s. People come from all over the world, but the focus is on Europe.

The level:
Also no screening process here. Still the level is far above average. The people know what is good and what is not.

Pros and Cons:
ArtLimited offers a free account with an upload-limit of 40 pics.
The community is very well-mannered. People are very polite and friendly.
The place is highly inspirational.

The premium account is pretty expensive.
The art becomes a bit repetitive after a while.

My account on ArtLimited:
(Add me if you join the community)

Join this place and use the free account if you love photography.

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