Reviews Part.III (

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 6, 2011, 4:35 PM

After my reviews for shadowness and artlimited I want to review today another photography website: was found a couple of years ago by two Swedish guys.
I came over this place in 2009 or 2010, I can´t remember.
I directly created an account and posted my first picture. declares they have “the best pictures on the web”, so I posted one of my best.
They have a screening process and my picture my declined. No reason why has been given.
At that time only one picture-submission per week (!) was possible for a free account.
(I don´t know if this has changed but I don´t think so) I tried it three more times with other
pictures and everytime the same story. Declined, no reason been given. Over the months
and years I talked with many photographers (mostly “fine-arts”) about this website and everyone
made more or less the same experience with them.

The design: changed recently from black to white. Before it was possible to download all pictures by a simple
click, now they disabled this.

The art:
“The best pictures on the net”? Well, more the pictures the founders and curators like the most. Not always very objective in my opinion.

The community:
Generally speaking the people seem to be already a bit older than in most of the other communities I checked.

The level:
The level is high. But too much focus is on high technical quality instead of high artistic quality in my opinion.

Pros and Cons:
– the new white design is nice

– this place might work for you if the curators like your style

– The free account is very limited. The paid accounts expensive.

– Has a high potential to give you a hard time when your art is not accepted by the curators for whatever reason.


Give it a try if you want, but be prepared to be disappointed.

One Response to “Reviews Part.III (”
  1. jfo says:

    Thank you for a , in my opinion, acurate review of
    My enthusiasm for this site has decreased lately. Mostly because I do not have to much trust in the curators. I feel they have quite narrow and very distinct preferences. But still I find a good deal of inspiration from some of its contributors, some are realy very skilled and creative.

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