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One Response to “About”
  1. Rob Breen says:


    I noticed that you had written some articles on selling art online so I thought I would introduce myself and my new business venture to you and your readers. My name is Rob Breen and I am the Founder of Bakso.co.uk. It isĀ an online platform where artists can upload their artwork in the view that it will then be printed on clothing. Our main aim is to work with the most dynamic artists, producing some of the best garments available on the web with artists being paid a commission on every item they sell.

    Our platform allows artists of any discipline to upload their designs and begin to make money from their creations. Artists are paid every time their design is placed on one of our ethically sourced garments. All printing is done in house and on a made to order basis, reducing waste and ensuring all garments are produced to the highest standard.

    An important aspect of the site is that all ranking of designs is based on current popularity. So unlike some of our competitors a new artist is not at a disadvantage in terms of gaining visibility. All designs are run through a trending algorithm which works off of a 30-day period taking into consideration purchases, comments, likes and views meaning that interaction with a design directly affect its success on the site.

    We plan to grow into a world wide community of designers and enlightened customers who will treat the website as a marketplace to trade ideas. The beginning of this process is underway and we are getting some really exciting artists involved. We would love to add some of your readers’ works to our collection.

    If you need any further information on the site or what we aim to achieve then please get in contact.

    Thanks for your time.

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