Places to sell your art online 2012

Nearly one year ago I wrote a post about the best places to sell art online. In this one year a lot of things have changed in the internet-world, so it´s time for an update.

Already one year ago it was pretty obvious that not many of all the art-places out there will survive the test of time.

Out of all the places I checked out in the last couple of days, only 5 are in my opinion still important enough to be mentioned here. (The list does not include, etc because they have a different focus)


The “biggest” plattform for selling art online(Alexa Traffic-Rang  4.279) is still very popular among the younger generation. The design still looks fresh, somehow timeless and the community activities there keep people interested.


What RedBubble is for the younger ones is fineartamerica for the older generation. The website is very successful, attracting more and more people. It has a very active community, but the design and the whole feeling of the place does look more like 2008 than 2012.

Society6 is a rising star. The web becomes younger and younger, more kids have internet access now than ever before and places like Tumblr, Pinterest and also Society6 are the new cool. The place looks great, the only problem is that there is no tagging. People search by popularity, means: if you are not popular, you will hardly sell.

Imagekind has lost a lot of it´s popularity in the last time. For the younger ones it is not cool enough and the older generation prefers fineartamerica. So imagekind is a little bit caught in the middle. It is still an okay place, but I would think about it twice to start a new account there.


This is one of my favorite websites and a great place for everyone who likes high quality art. It´s definitely worth checking it out.

Some things I found very interesting about this websites and also about the net in the year 2012 in general:

– the net is “young” and female, at least when it comes to everything concerning art. Tumblr, Pinterest and all websites mentioned above have mostly female users.

– websites are more and more specialised, they only attract a very particular group of users.

– if you want to establish a new website these days you need the young generation. All “rising stars” of the last year are mostly popular among the youth

– the net is changing quickly, let´s see how my update will look like in 2013 😉


3 Responses to “Places to sell your art online 2012”
  1. Kari says:

    Thank you for the wonderful information… I will be looking at them all.

  2. Thanks for breaking down the demographics. Of all the information that I’ve found no one has really approached the business aspects of Print on Demand in this way and I think you are right about the generational gaps – important implications for business. I’m interested mainly in Society6 and RedBubble since the works I create are youthful, but it almost seems worthwhile to have a store on multiple sites to get access to different advantages in quality or competition. It looks like you have picked RedBubble for you work, is there something that you have found that separates RedBubble from others?

    • white_canvas says:

      Hi Robert,
      thank you for your comment.
      It motivates me to write a new post about the topic. 😉
      Yes, RedBubble is a great place. The community there is very active.
      I would compare being on RedBubble with going working if you have a good
      job and your colleagues are nice people. You always do it for the money, but you
      still have some fun.

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