Review Google+

Recently a friend of mine introduced me to Google+.

First of all I was like “another Social networking site”. Do I really need this? So in the beginning I was a little sceptical if Google+ is really necessary or not.

On the first view the place looks very simple, I would even say “minimalistic”. The handling of the site is also simple, easy to understand, even for beginners.

I have to say that Google is doing a lot right here. Google+ feels like a mixture between Facebook, Tumblr and “art-communities” like DeviantArt or Flickr. But Google+ takes the best out of this three. Posting your own works is easier, the picture viewer looks better than on Facebook. Sharing work is more personal than on Tumblr and Google+ does not bother you with advertising or premium accounts like some of the big “art-communities” do.

Google also offers a crispy (iphone, android) app for Google+ that lets your manage your account and browse other peoples posts easily.

So is Google+ an alternative to Facebook?                                                                                                                                                                 In my opinion it is the better place if you are: artist

2. an “art-lover”

3. someone who already uses a Tumblr-blog

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