Places to sell your art online

I recently followed a discussion about Red Bubble and one of the guys involved posted a list of about 50 other places where you can sell art on the internet. So some people might say now: woah this is so cool, so many places, what a diversity.

No, actually this is not cool. Not cool at all. I checked all this places and about 7 or 8 were already down. (Domain for sale, server not reachable etc). Some other places seem not be updated in the last couple of years. And here is exactly the problem.

There was a time when everyone thought it might be a goldmine to create a place where people can sell and buy artworks online. But it is not. It is a pretty tough game. Especially when you have the costs for the servers etc. There are not that many people interested in spending money for art and not all of them like to do it on the internet. Also there is not an unlimited amount of great artists out there.

So now we have the situation that we have hundreds of this places on the net and without the right knowledge you probably end up on the wrong one. As a buyer or as an artist. Especially as an artist it can be really a problem. You want to have you work everywhere? Cool. But do you also want to spend a couple of hours of your precious time to upload your works on a website that has basically not been visited by any potential buyers in months?

Wasting time on the net is easy. Don´t waste your time with this stuff.

Here is a list of some places that are still busy and alive:

One Response to “Places to sell your art online”
  1. Mike says:

    Very true observation. I share your sentiments.

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