Are You An artist?

Are you?
Are you all consumed by what you do?
Are you awake at all hours considering how it should be done?
Do you see things from the corner of your eye and wonder how to show it to the rest of the world?
Does your curiosity for all things run away with you?
Do you see glory in the mundane?
Do you see beauty in the ugly?
Do you compose your world around you, see it as if through a view finder, on paper with graphite, on canvas with oils, on graphics with a mouse, do have wonder running through your veins and questions always on your mind?

Being an artist is more than having the ability to draw, to paint, to be able to use a camera; being an artist is what makes you, it runs through your whole being and like a ticking clock it counts along with your heartbeat, tick, tock, it’s inside you and no matter what you cannot contain it and you will show all what you are and that essence of creativity will be released again and again, you will become blind to what the world thinks of your art, you will only become aware of what you feel, how it makes you rejoice in all that you are and all that you see. Only this will stop your work being sterile, only by giving a little of your life to your work will your work ever truly live.

You are unique, just like the art you produce you will always be different from the normal, you took that decision the day you picked up a camera, the day you picked up a brush, the day you wrote prose, be proud of what you are, you are an artist, you are art, when you feel it within your soul, when you can’t get the paint out from the creases in your fingertips, when you carry your camera everywhere, when you can’t leave the house without paper and pencils and a story is always unfolding in your mind no matter what you are doing, can you then say you are an artist.

Words by Mike Shaw

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