Reviews Part.IV (Fotoblur)

After I reviewed the biggest alternatives to dA, named Shadowness, ArtLimited and Red Bubble I want to present you guys now some smaller places that some of you might find interesting enough to create an account there.

Today I will start with Fotoblur.

I joined Fotoblur in 2010 to block my name: chinastone and in case I might want to use it in the future.

I only posted one picture there, because I was not really convinced by the place.  Two weeks ago I came back to Shadowness and Fotoblur to give both places a second try. I started to post some works on both places and was waiting for something to happen.

While I felt directly “home” at Shadowness I felt kind of lost at Fotoblur. The place feels like the little brother of ArtLimited but is as far not as welcoming as AL.

The design:

Fotoblur has a white design. But compared to ArtLimited and RedBubble it lacks a feeling of elegance. It is simple, it does not distract you from the art, but I would not call it beautiful.

The art:
only Photography

The community:
People in their 30-50`s.

The level:
Fotoblur is for the advanced amateur. The level is decent, but compared to ArtLimited a little lower.

Pros and Cons:
– the community belongs to a magazine, that will maybe feature some of your works
– the free account is decent

– the page looks not very catchy
– the comments are not very constructive

– the views on your works are low
– My account on Fotoblur:

Check it out if you have reached your 40 pictures-free account limit on ArtLimited and you don´t want to pay there for a premium account or if you like to show your works “everywhere”. Create an account if you are really motivated to work yourself into this community and if you main aim is to be featured in the Fotoblur-mag.

Otherwise stay away from this place.

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