Reviews Part.IV (RedBubble)

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 8, 2011, 11:23 PM

I want to present you today another community that some people may
consider an alternative or even replacement to dA: Red Bubble

Red Bubble was founded in 2007. I joined the website two years later in 2009
and started to post some pictures on my brandnew account.
I like my RedBubble account very much. The design of the place is great, the navigation easy,
the staff seems to be very friendly, the portfolio looks professional and the site gives you the
opportunity to sell your work for some fair prices.
So far so good.
But RedBubble also has some negative sites. I have basically no interaction with other people on
RedBubble, even so I have them on my watchlist. Red Bubble wants to be different than dA and it is
different, maybe a bit too different. I suggest this place to every advanced amateur/semi-pro
who is looking for a professional and clean looking place to show his work to others and
maybe even sell some prints here and there. But if you are a community-addict, someone who
likes to browse around all day long looking for interesting people and works. Who wants to interact
with others, download some works here and there, wants to have fun and hanging around with friends,
than RedBubble is not the place you want to spend all your free time.
It can still be a good place for you to host your portfolio, but you will hardly ever spend some time there…

The design:
RedBubble has an elegant white design with a little bit red here and there. The portfolio is white or black.

The art:
Photography, Drawings etc

The community:
Most people are older than 30.

The level:
RedBubble is for the advanced amateur/semi-pro.

Pros and Cons:
– beautiful design
– possibility to sell your art
– the membership is free

– no real community
– the works look a bit too sharp on the website
– low amount of views on your works

My account on RedBubble:

Join RedBubble if you have enough of busy communites or if you look for an addition to your normal account on dA or Shadowness. Don´t join it as a replacement to Deviant Art if you just look for another community.

3 Responses to “Reviews Part.IV (RedBubble)”
  1. Wonderful reviews, Daniel.
    I agree with your intake on RedBubble. For those who want to interact, RedBubble may get lonely. On the otehr hadn, the way people interact is a lot healthier than on sites like deviantArt, where any frustrated teen and adult is allowed to step on everybody uncensored.
    What I like about these sites is their clear policy on many areas.
    On deviantart you want to enjoy art and you risk stumbling upon Nazi propraganda, hate propaganda, awful lame disgusting porn where artistic nudes are supposed to be.
    Just browse some groups where Hitler is worshipped or where all is allowed as long as it’s penis close-ups with no artistic traits at all.

    The staff play a very important part on managing the sites:
    – on, for instance the site is incredibly nice. Art theft is a concern from what I’ve read.
    – on RedBubble: no room for assholes, no trolling, no stalking, no harassment. Art theft is immediately dealt with.
    – on deviantart: trolls are sponsored by some key admins. There are even admin’s and Gallery Moderators journals to summon hate upon some members, subscribed or not. Art Theft is dealt with a feeble hand (so many examples). They act upon the “owner’s demand”. That means if you post some Winogrand shots, unless a dead man complains there’s no action taken.

  2. Jeffrey says:

    @ streetphotographypt

    RedBubble’s support of Hitler is too much.

    RedBubble’s lawyers discontinued acting in protest at sale of “pro-Hitler merchandise”

  3. Damien C. says:

    Jeffrey, I was noted on that affair not long ago, it’s damned surprising. After all the nazi stuff going on on dA (and hate groups, oh wait, in LA – where dA’s servers are located- it is legal because they write “8” instead of “hate”) I would figure RB wouldn’t fall so stupidly. Clinton got away with the verb “to be”, so I suppose anything is valid… Then people wonder how some extremist groups keep on going… because they’re allowed to spread their word.

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